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Tiny Blues: March 2023 Newsletter

Tiny Blues: A small collection of even smaller things At last, the first blog update of the year. 2023 started off slow & cozy for me, spending time home with my family and baby. As of March, we've shifted into a new routine again, and I'm back to work in the studio a few days per week. Life is always a balancing act, especially with kids in the mix - but capacity grows, as does our tolerance for mess, sass, and sleep loss ☺️ For this inaugural web shop update of 2023, I crafted a handful of very small wood and bark pendants nestled into fine sterling silver cups and posts. Highly polished findings give these intimate pieces an extra touch...

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Dawn Collection 2022. Waiting.

For the third year, this fall season has inspired another round of Dawn Collection. Since creating this monochromatic collection for the first time in the fall of 2020, this series has become an important one for me, technically and symbolically. This series has pushed me to work precisely and delicately with fragile materials, paired with high-quality (expensive) components, which always adds a level of pressure. And secondly the meaning behind the series has deepened throughout these past few challenging years.  The timing of this year's collection is an especially significant one for me. As I write this, I am well past my due date with my second child, waiting anxiously to meet him - and move along to this next stage of parenthood. By the time the collection goes out, he...

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SIX years of Wild Blue Yonder!

This month marks six years of Wild Blue Yonder! Though my explorations in woodwork and jewelry making began in 2014, it wasn't until September 2016 that I had officially left my job, and launched into Wild Blue Yonder as a full-time, self-employed artist. Now as a parent in my 30's, I ask "WHAT WAS I THINKING." Thankfully at the time though, I was full of adorable optimism about what I could do with the wood jewelry thing, if I could really dedicate my time and attention to it. My tradition for marking this anniversary has usually been to get out in a canoe with a backpack loaded up with a few days of supplies, and celebrate this annual milestone quietly, preferably...

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Where to Find WBY in Winter 2021

We are excited to be taking part in a handful of cozy, casual market events this year. Things may not be back to "normal," but we're glad to have these low-key in-person events where we can see some new & familiar faces. A little connection sure goes a long way. Here are the places you can find us to peruse our pieces in person! November 27: Fletcher Road Christmas Market, 2330 Fletcher Road, 12PM-4PM November 28: Merry Little Christmas Pop Up, Floral & Brick, 129 Locke Street South, 11AM-5PM December 4: MRKT HAUS, 65 Balmoral Ave North, Hamilton, 10AM-12PM We are also planning a small Open Studio day on Thursday December 16 at our Hamilton HQ (Michelle's place) with free donuts and coffee...

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Dawn Collection 2021

I grew up on the edge of a tiny town, nestled in a bend of the Grand River, ensconced by rolling farmland. I spent my entire childhood and early adolescent years here (my family moved away early enough in my teenage years to mostly avoid any boredom with rural life). My siblings and I filled our days outside: skating and sledding in the winter, yard work and swimming in the summer. Every season brought new options, but the autumn stands out in my memory as particularly glorious: breath fogging in the morning air waiting for the school bus, but enough sunlight yet that we could wander in our T-shirts down to the river, or venture out into the tall, dry...

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