Tiny Blues: March 2023 Newsletter

wood jewelry by Wild Blue Yonder - handmade blue necklaces and earrings sit on blank canvas background

Tiny Blues: A small collection of even smaller things

At last, the first blog update of the year. 2023 started off slow & cozy for me, spending time home with my family and baby. As of March, we've shifted into a new routine again, and I'm back to work in the studio a few days per week. Life is always a balancing act, especially with kids in the mix - but capacity grows, as does our tolerance for mess, sass, and sleep loss ☺️

For this inaugural web shop update of 2023, I crafted a handful of very small wood and bark pendants nestled into fine sterling silver cups and posts. Highly polished findings give these intimate pieces an extra touch of elegance. The perfect way to take a bit of nature with you everywhere you go. Find them online now, listed under my Encased Collection.

The other exciting thing this month is that you can get a free pair of Floral Studs with any purchase over $75! Just chose the style and size that you like, add it to your cart, and the discount will automatically apply. Makes me happy just to get a few more of these great, lightweight, everyday studs out into the world. 



flower petal studs sit on a canvas background, handmade earrings by Wild blue Yonder

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