About Wild Blue Yonder Jewelry

teardrop necklace by Wild Blue Yonder sits on a dark green background with fiddleleaf fig leafWild Blue Yonder jewelry is created using reclaimed wood, unused lumber scraps, or fragments of bark and lichen found on hikes and travels through the forest. Little details, often unnoticed in nature, are readily on display in every piece. WBY jewelry is designed to inspire its wearer with a love for nature, and all the intricacies that lie therein.

WBY jewelry is created with fine metal components: sterling silver, 14k gold-fill, and lead-free, nickel-free brass. We want you to love your piece for a lifetime, so that's why we opt for finer metals in every piece. With a little care, your piece with stand up effortlessly through years of wear. 
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Amber Aasman, owner & artisan

I have always been a bit of a scavenger. On trips or hikes, even as a kid, I was always compelled to find something interesting to take home with me as a keepsake. There is something very special about an object you find while out in nature: It signifies a sense of adventure, specific memories, relationships, and a finite period of time. This impulse to collect led me to my early wood and resin experiments, which grew into my craft practice as it exists today.

I launched Wild Blue Yonder in 2016 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, after a few years of exploring the exciting duo of wood/natural fragments with epoxy resin. Around the same time, I had co-founded a wood-working collective in order to access the wide variety of tools I needed, in a communal setting. Since then, I have honed both my wood-working and jewelry skills, while growing my craft practice as a small business. Since launching Wild Blue Yonder in 2016, I have worked as an independent artisan/owner, and currently sell my work in approximately 20 shops across Canada and the USA, including the Art Gallery of Ontario and the McMichael Canadian Art Collection. 

In March 2020 I moved with my family to Maastricht, Netherlands. So I now work from the top story of my narrow dutch row house, creating everything here in my new studio. But thanks to Michelle Aasman, good friend and business partner, WBY Canada continues to operate primarily from her location near Hamilton, Ontario. Michelle keeps all the website stock and exhibits regularly throughout the Hamilton area.

I also offer my jewelry within Europe now as well, on another online shop

Thanks for stopping by! 
-Amber Aasman, Owner & Artisan
Portrait of Amber Aasman owner of Wild Blue Yonder in the forest with floral crown