About WBY

Wild Blue Yonder is a handmade jewelry company celebrating wood, the earth, and adventure in the Canadian wild. Hand holding little bits of lichen, moss, bark from Whitehorse, Yukon

I (Amber) began crafting jewelry from wood back in 2014 - simply because I wanted a wood pendant and couldn't find anything I liked. So I began experimenting with found wood, lichens, and epoxy resin. As I wore my handmade pieces, friends and family began asking for similar ones, so I happily obliged. Pushing my craft and expanding my networks has allowed my to begin my own company, Wild Blue Yonder, in the spring of 2016. Based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, my jewelry is available in several stores, and is displayed regularly at events throughout the region. 

WBY jewelry is created using reclaimed materials, unused lumber scraps, or fragments of wood, bark, and lichen found on hikes and travels through the forest. Little details, often unnoticed in nature, are readily on display in my pieces. My jewelry is designed to inspire its wearer with a love for nature, and all the intricacies that lie therein.

All metal findings are nickel and lead-free. Earring findings are always gold-filled (which contain a much higher gold content than gold-plated findings, and will last a lifetime).

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