She contains multitudes: Mother's Day 2024

I started this series out of a simple desire to create something. That is nothing new or revolutionary, but this was notably different than the ‘ordinary’ creative impulse. This series came together in a very full season of life, where work (outside of the studio), home and family life had filled just about every available space on the calendar. You know those seasons? Any free time I did have was dedicated to jewelry orders or studio chores. Formerly working as an artist was my day-job, but for now my creative work takes place mainly in my after-hours. And if you know life with small kids around, there aren’t all that many hours |after|.

And so in a very full life season, where creative projects and impulses are largely on pause, I am very proud to have crafted this small, intricate set of encased pieces. I had these beautiful roses in studio which were my starting point. Cutting away to reveal these delicate, layered forms gave me such a sense of awe. What surprised me was this metaphor which emerged as I worked: seeing these rich, inner details, invisible from the outside, tucked away inside like the most beautiful secret. It made me think about all the impulses, ideas, dreams I have both as an artist, and simply in life (should we buy a farm? I’m planting enough herbs this summer to give out to the neighbors every weekend. Let’s start a metal casting operation in the back shed. Also should we move to Denmark?). I’m sure you can think of that one project you’ve always wanted to make, or the course you always considered taking.

Well, that’s kind of the spirit of this collection: to honor the ideas we allow ourselves to dream up, to celebrate the intimate seed of hope that they ignite in us, and the possibilities that the future can offer us, when the time is right. 

I wanted to draw a specific line towards mothers day, when thinking about all of this. I know all humans have this to a certain degree, but overall I think moms are more often the ones putting projects and personal hopes on hold, at least for a season. Sometimes it’s a really long season. In my experience, it's a very natural part of this rich, multi-faceted life experience of parenting, working, being an artist, and simply being a human. Everything in its time. 

If you're interested, here is a link to the Walt Whitman poem that this line is drawn from, "Song of Myself, 51." It's worth a quiet and careful read. 

“She Contains Multitudes” is online and ready to go off into the world. I am proud of this intimate work, and very glad to get it out to you all. Thank you so much for your support and interest in my work - it truly means the world. 



Ps. A little mother's day bonus - you can have a free pair of sterling or 14k gold-fill studs with any purchase! All the details here. 


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