Wild Blue goes international!

So some news from me: At the end of February 2020, my family and I are moving across the pond! My husband, Nate, recently accepted a biomedical research position in Maastricht, in the southern region of Netherlands. It's basically his dream job, in a pretty amazing location - so we are really excited! 

What does all this mean for Wild Blue?

Besides a few weeks to move and get set up, and slightly longer shipping times, I really do plan to continue "business as usual." Building WBY has been one of the most fulfilling and exciting parts of my life, and I have no intention to let it falter or drop. All my equipment and supplies will ship or come along with me. I'll be bringing my foraged bits that I have in studio now as well, and will have plenty of opportunities to gather more when back for visits.

I've notified all my shops, and will continue to supply them with new work regularly - so you can still find my work at my list of retailers. 

One thing I'm really looking forward to is the opportunity to immerse myself into a new location, and see how my work shifts based on our new surroundings and experiences there. I am also excited to connect with jewellers and craftpersons in our new spot and see what kind of work is being made there - and how I can learn from them, and contribute as well. 

For local folks, I'll still have a Hamilton 'location' and point person - the lovely Michelle, who often pops up at craft shows with me. She will be the new face of WBY in Hamilton for this next phase, and she will be the contact for dropping off live material for custom orders, as well as order pick ups, etc.

So that's my life-altering news! Questions or any thoughts, please send my way. Thanks all! 

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