Preserving Your Memories in Custom Jewelry

The reason why I started WBY was because I have this obsession with little natural mementos that I've found all over Ontario & beyond, through special trips, hikes around my city, and time at my family cottage. My craft allows me to preserve these tiny but precious natural items in a wearable work of art. 

It turns out there are more of us sentimental types out there! As I've worked, I've been really lucky to receive all kinds of custom orders, ranging from simple pendants to engagement rings (!) - always with some kind of special material enclosed. What I love the most is when someone brings me some wood, bark, moss, flower, or scrap to be made into a piece of jewelry. Working on these custom orders is such a delightful way to share my craft, while honouring the memories & experiences of other folks. 

As the gift-giving season approaches, I wanted to share a few snapshots of some of the pieces I've created over the past couple of years. Giving a gift with this deep meaning is a beautiful way to give something special this year.

Dates for 2017: If you'd like me to use natural items that you've collected, please note that I may need 2 to 4 weeks to dry them out fully. Then I ask for 3 weeks to actually craft your piece.

If you are providing specific materials: Items need to arrive at my studio by Nov 10. 

If you'd like something custom using materials I already have (or are fully dry): Commissions due by Nov 24.

Please connect if you have questions about using specific items, timeline, etc. Get in touch with any ideas you have for your custom piece! 

Here are some custom pieces I've made: 

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