New Design Alert! Presenting: "Encased"

“Encased” is a brand new collection, setting my usual array of wood, moss, bark, and other natural fragments in delicate gold & silver frames.

Paired with high-quality, durable metals, these gorgeous, natural pieces are the perfect complement to any summer outfit. 

Now available online! 


When it comes to style and trending looks, I am not really the girl to talk to. But I have noticed that that jewelry lately comes in two categories: big chunky 80’s inspired statement pieces, OR small, dainty gold chains featuring and minimalist pendants. Most of my work falls into the category of “chunky” and statement pieces – but I was curious to know if I could work on a smaller scale, and introduce metal into my work in a more elemental way. So, a few trials and errors later, I came up with my brand new series, “Encased,” which I’m so proud to debut online today.

My hope with this new work is to introduce tiny, natural, and wild elements from the outside world into a simple, minimalist piece of jewelry, that will make a simple and lovely addition to your summer wardrobe.

The best part? These pieces are built to last. No wearing off of the gold plating, or marking your skin: these metals are high-quality and your new piece will last a lifetime. All chains, bracelet bands, and earring are gold-filled or sterling silver. 

Check out the collection!

PS. Got a custom piece you’d like “encased”? Get in touch!

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