Me + Art Resin forever!

 The lovely people of Art Resin visited my studio last year, and interviewed me about my work, inspirations, and methods. Not only do they make a fabulous, *nearly* fool-proof product line, they are also super kind and awesome people who made the whole process surprisingly comfortable. 

They created a lovely video of our interview, then they blogged about it. Now I'm blogging about it! What a whirlwind.

To read their post about my work:

And now for my honest, brief, unsponsored opinion about Art Resin: I am so grateful for a VOC-free option for working from a home studio. It dries super hard, light, and totally clear. It's UV-stable, meaning it won't yellow over time (I have discovered there are certain things that will cause very slight discolouration when embedded, but this is not a fault of the resin, rather the material I am putting in the resin). A good window of working time (approx. an hour) means you have lots of time to rid of bubbles, and mix to whatever colour you want, etc. Also, I'm a sucker for free and quick shipping! I can't say enough good stuff about Art Resin, both the company and the products. I won't even mention their new line of resin dyes that are gorgeous saturated drops of colour heaven...

To shop Art Resin:

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