Introducing "Dawn" Collection

it's always darkest before the dawn

A small, limited series of work made with dark, dramatic resin and fine metals. Released for Fall 2020, capturing dried florals in ethereal designs, set with fine 14k gold-fill and sterling silver. 

NEW "Dawn Collection" from Wild Blue Yonder, handmade jewelry from resin and fine metals

I was interested in making a new series for fall (even though my last release was only in September), and just sort of found myself making these dark, moody pieces in the studio one day. In stark contrast to my usual bright blues and soft neutrals, these black & white pieces started to form into a really different kind of series. With Halloween right around the corner, these necklaces and earrings work really well as an autumn collection - but I think they also have a timelessness and elegance that will work year-round. 

I named the series "Dawn," from the well-known saying, "it's always darkest before the dawn." These are dark times, in many ways - and it's hard to see the end of it. But it will come, gradually and softly, like the morning always does. That's the hope I hold tightly, and resolutely. My intention for this series is to act as a small and daily reminder to wait for the light and hold to hope, even in dark times.

You can view the full collection here.



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