Custom Orders - some recent work

I compiled some of my past custom orders and added them to the site - finally! 

It is a genuine joy to work on these special, totally unique pieces, made from the fragments brought or sent to me by my lovely customers. Every bit of wood, garden, or flower is a small treasure that is not only beautiful all on its own, but also stands as a symbol of something deeply meaningful. A trip, someone's home, a specific memory. Each project is an honour, to be given these natural treasures and to work with them, crafting a piece/set to be worn and loved. 

Here are a few pieces from the last while:

custom made handmade necklace and jewellery set with bright pink and red flowers set in epoxy resin

This  set (above) was made for a sweet customer who came to one of my shows with these gorgeous pressed flowers. They were so bright and bold, totally eye-catching. She shared with me that her grandmother had recently passed away,  and she had gathered these florals (along with mango leaves, colourful stones and shells) when she traveled to Jamaica, to her grandmother's home there.

We carefully went over each piece that she wanted, designing to be the right size, layout, and material. It was truly an honour to craft this set, in memory of a beloved grandma. 


An engagement piece! This was created on the sly for my long-time friend (since kindergarten!). Her partner slipped this beautiful pink quartz stone to me, and requested a piece crafted with it alongside her favourite flowers, lilacs. We came up with this design, and put the finished piece on a 14k gold-fill chain. I like to take the credit for the fact that she said "yes!"... you never know where these unique, custom-made pieces might get you. Ha. 


handmade custom necklace from red flowers and pink flowers and epoxy resin

Another piece for a friend... This was a really unique design, but my friend was totally open to whatever I suggested - the best kind of customer AND friend. She had traveled to Zambia earlier in the year, on a medical volunteer trip. While there, she collected bits of leaves, wood, and bought this beautiful bright fabric (chitenga), and brought these pieces back for me to make a commemorative piece. A really different, bold statement piece, which was a lot of fun to create. 

For more information on how to place your own custom order, please read this document for how it works, as well as pricing. Then get in touch with questions or to request your own special piece. 

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