Shipping Tip Tuesday! New for Fall/Winter 2020

Here's more info that you ever needed to know about how shipping rates work, and why they vary across different businesses and regions.
With Canada Post, there are two types of domestic mail:
1. Letter mail: usually for letters (lol not really anymore, just bills and spam), but technically if an envelope fits through a mail slot, and is lightweight, you can send via letter mail. A small, thin box is considered "oversized letter mail." "Oversized letters" are not tracked, and stamps cost about $3, plus the packaging has to be really specific - we need our pieces protected well, but still light and very thin overall. The packaging costs for these shipments is another $3 to $5. We've been mailing this way quite a bit more lately, which is great in savings, but risky for higher priced items, since there is no tracking. 
It's only happened once in 5 years of WBY that something has gone missing when travelling letter mail, though longer wait times are pretty common lately.

2. On to parcel mail! Woo! The cheapest possible rate with CP tracked parcel mail is about $12 within Canada (eg. Hamilton to Burlington), and the rate goes up the further it's travelling. Rural regions are always more expensive than urban addresses. Our shipping supplies for parcel mail are actually slightly cheaper, since they don't have to fit into such a small opening, but the cost still varies from about $2-$4 per parcel.
Lately we've been finding FedEx to be much more efficient for parcel shipping, so we've been using this a lot. With our volume discount it ends up costing us only a bit more than CP, but is a much, MUCH better (and quicker) service! So if you're ordering from us via parcel mail this holiday season, we will be skipping CP, and using FedEx to get your pieces to you. The only exception to this is for rural addresses - some of these are not serviced by FedEx so we still have to use CP. 

Shipping to the US:
There is a USPS drop off service in Hamilton which is awesome, and has meant that tracked shipping to the US is about on par with tracked domestic shipping. USPS is, across the board, much cheaper than CP, if you're in the US and wondering why Canadian makers are so greedy...
However, shipping to the US via Canada Post is twice the price, and doesn't come with tracking unless you pay extra on top. Our official position: this sucks! So we use the USPS drop-off service consistently.

International shipping:
Depending on location, CP charges about $20 baseline price for international parcels, excluding tracking - and can take several months to arrive! Tracked parcels start at about $50 with CP, and can still take weeks. So, again we favour FedEx for international orders, ensuring they are tracked and arrive in good time.

So, while this is boring information, it is also a really big part of the biz, especially this year.
 If the shipping rates seem like a lot on top of your purchase, understand that those costs are totally fixed, and there's just no way around them. And if you're getting "free shipping," make no mistake - someone is paying that shipping.
That said, we like to offer small perks for shopping with us, especially this year! So, for the rest of the year, orders to Canada and the US of $100+ will ship with tracking for free! Just use the code "OhShip2020" in the checkout. International orders over $150+ will also receive free shipping with the code "OhShipWorldWide."
Also a little plug here - you can skip the shipping altogether, and come by for our new in-person shopping hours in our #HamOnt home studio - reserve your personal shopping time here

Got questions? (I know, it's all wildly intriguing.) Send 'em our way!


New in November 2020: orders $100+ ship for free! Use code "OhShip2020" in the checkout. Offer valid for all Canadian and US addresses.

All other countries can use "OhShipWorldwide" for free shipping on orders $150+. 

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