3 Years of Wild Blue Yonder

Wild Blue Yonder turned 3!! As of Sept 1, I officially quit my job three years ago, and have been working for myself ever since.

I spent my 3rd WBY anniversary in serene Killarney Provincial Park, on a private lake with only our campsite. I finished a good book (Delia Owen's Where the Crawdads Sing), snuggled my dog, and star-gazed with my bff//husband... It really was the perfect way to mark the occasion.

I can't totally believe it's been 3 years of Wild Blue. At the same time, it feels like I've been at this for forever! As I look back, I'm so grateful for:

  • small victories - gaining new stores, getting into desired shows
  • good mentors and help from dear friends
  • beautiful studio space in different iterations
  • a little time off and lots of flexible time with my now 1-year old

As I tidy up Year 3, I also notice a marked shifts in my own confidence and sense of direction. I'm feeling more inspired, excited, and hungry for new things than I ever have. I have no doubt that Year 4 will bring in new challenges, changes, and opportunities - and I already have that funny little flutter of excitement as I write this. Leaning in to that, big time.

Of course, I couldn't do any of this without my fabulous customers and retail partners across the country - and beyond! Your interest and support of my work means so much to me. Your support means affirmation of my work, but also that you value handmade, crafted work - the arts at large. You are the reason I (& other artists) can continue to work in my own little lane, exploring and examining the natural world, and allowing it to lead me forward.

I'm so proud to also launch a special new collection of earrings, made from bits and off-cuts that I've saved over this entire timespan. In studio I always have a stock pile of 'failures,' broken pieces, or just bits that were too small to use - so I used these bits of 'failures' to craft a whole new set of these lovely, lightweight earrings. I hope you like them as much as I do! Check out "Reclaimed" here!

Now, a final thank-you - I'm offering 30% off the entire store (until Sept 7, 2019) - so please enjoy!! 

All my love & thanks! 



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